Patient Testimonials

I want you to know how much I appreciated your masterful endodontic treatment.  You have a presence that is calming and reassuring.  Your expertise is immediately apparent and equally important is I could feel how much you care about your patients.  Thank you form the heart!
-Carol M., RN
I so much appreciated the kind and considerate way I was treated by your and your office.  I was so please with the very gentle care and concern I received during the entire procedure.  The pain was very minimal (and I got to see an entire movie!).  I am most grateful.  Thank you!!
-Jim O. 

I was referred to Dr Herold for a root canal. Their office is conveniently located in  Sorrento Valley with ample parking. Called to schedule the appoint. and luckily the office manager who was very pleasant accommodated my schedule .Their office is designed to make one feel like your in a beautiful home not a doctors office. Or seriously like a 6 star hotel. One might think that since your in such upscale office that the cost for the procedure would be expensive. It was not. I found that their cost for the root canal was the same as other offices I contacted. 

Everyone who helped with my check in were professionals. After taking me into the inner sanctum (where the magic is performed)  I met Dr Herold who explained every detail of what he was going to do. They have everything going on to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Performing the root canal went flawlessly. It has been 24 hours since the procedure and I have No pain. I didn’t even need to take an aspirin the night of Or the day after.  My pain tolerance is not that great either. So I credit all this to a job well done.

I would recommend to anyone that needs a root canal. Go see Torrey Pines Micro Endodontics. You will be amazed how great you will be taken care of by them.

-Dan R. 

I have recently had two root canals done by Dr Herold at Torrey Pines Micro Endodontics.  The first was an emergency and they fit me in on an already busy day. I was in a lot of pain and was nervous. Everyone in the office was kind and the office itself is beautiful and calming. Dr. Herold and his assistants were great and the pain was gone the next morning.  When I needed a root canal on another tooth the next week I went back to see Dr. Herold. I hope you never need a root canal but if you do don’t hesitate to get it done by Dr. Herold.

-Liz W.

I had a great experience at this office!  From the staff to the office design to the equipment, everything is top of the line.  They even avoid excessive paperwork by using iPads to sign you in.  Being my first root canal I was a little nervous, but Dr. Herold and his staff did a great job of explaining the procedure, and assuring me it would just seem like a filling that takes a little longer.  I had no pain during or after the root canal, and can’t recommend this office highly enough.  Very satisfied customer!

-Keith M.