Laser and Biophotomodulation Assisted Micro Endodontics


New advances in technology have revolutionized endodontic care in our practice. We have incorporated a dual light laser by Fotona that provides us with an array of applications for our dental procedures. These laser assisted procedures increase prognosis and speed healing with little to no discomfort.

Laser assisted Root Canal Therapy 

Laser enhanced Root canal treatment has dramatically increased our ability to completely clean and disinfect even the most complex root canal systems. Our Erbium energy laser creates microexplosions that propel antibiotic cleansing fluids through the entire canal system. In the past, we would rely on passively moving the cleansing fluids in to the canals by agitating them into the canals with small files. Although the success rate for root canal therapy was good, there was the potential to leave debris and or bacteria in the canals. The new technology is called PIPS with SWEEPS mode(Shock Wave Emission Photoacoustic Stream). The laser pulse creates deeply penetrating shockwaves within the cleaning and debriding solutions in the root canal.

Photobiomodulation or Biostimulation

We are able to utilize Low Level Light Therapy to reduce pain and speed healing.

The laser light works by increasing the cells respiratory chain molecules in the mitochondria.  In essence, the cells ability to produce energy in the form of ATP. The cell will increase its ability to repair by releasing ROS. The laser energy causes the release of nitrous oxide which increase circulation, decreases inflammation and enhances the transport of oxygen.